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What is

BrilliantWriter.Com is an emerging community of bold and adventurous creative writers—novel and short story writers, memoirists, script writers and playwrites, poets and personal essayists—who are dedicated to discovering, developing, and sharing their creative brilliance with the world.

BrilliantWriter.Com is an alternative to what I call the “MFA-Industrial-Academic Complex,” of exclusivity, competition, taste-making, and opinioneering that is characteristic of not all, but much of the main-stream publishing and academic writing worlds.

BrilliantWriter.Com is creating an empowering community of creative writers based on the radical notion that everyone has inherent creative potential and value. That everyone who sincerely wants to write, and is willing to put in the effort, should have a voice in the conversations shaping our culture. The idea that there are only few talented geniuses worthy of all the attention accolades and control over the cultural discourse is over.

At its core BrilliantWriter.Com is about mindfulness and compassion, inclusion and participation, about support, connection, and building community! The old model is crumbling, the new model—where you get to contribute your voice and vision, where you get to tell your story that will add value and help change the world—is emerging.

BrilliantWriter.Com is here to inspire, support, and motivate you on this journey of awakening to your true creative brilliance by offering compelling FREE content and helpful resources, extraordinary inspirational writing events, dynamic retreats, workshops, online courses, and a loving supportive community of like-minded writers. Now is your time to celebrate your creative brilliance!

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